Raw Chocolate Truffels

Since I am using the Essential Oils from Young Living these selfmade Chocolate Truffels became my favorite alternative to industrial sweets.

Even though chocolate freaks like me will be satisfied 100 per cent while enjoying these little chocobombs there is no need for a bad conscious since they are sugarfree and made from natural ingredients only.



All you need are a few dates (I recommend persian dates since they are much softer than the dried ones) or date paste, Young Living Essential Oils (Orange and Peppermint) as the ultimative taste aroma …

… low fat cocoa powder (100 per cent raw), liquid honey and coconut oil which you first heatend in a hot water bath.



#1  Put all the ingredients (except from the oils!) into a big pot.

#2  Use a blender to mix all the ingredients together.

Attention! The more coconut oil you use the quicker your truffels will melt.

#3  Split the mass in two smaller bowls. Put 2 drops of Young Living Peppermint Oil in one of them. In the other one you put 2-3 drops of Young Living Orange Oil.

#4  Put the bowls 15-20 minutes into the fridge (try to remember which one is which ;-)) and wait until the mass has become a bit harder. Use a teaspoon to shape small balls out of the mass and then roll them between your hands in order to make balls out of them.

#5  If you don’t want to serve the Chocolate Truffels immediately you can store them up to a couple of days in your fridge. You can put them in a glass and give it as a gift to your friends or bring them as the next partysnack.

TIPP! To make an optic difference between the flavors you can roll the balls in cocoa powder, coconut chips, almond raspers or sesame.

Young Living Oils are 100 per cent made from environmentally sustainable plants which makes them sustainable for consumption. Other than chemically produced flavors these oils are completely free from any additives. Through the high concentrations of the ingredients a few drops are enough to arouse the full-bodied taste and the healthy effects they have on the body.

Those who like After Eight will love the Chocolate Mint Balls. If you are more into Soft Cakes or fruity flavors Young Living Orange Oil is a great and healthy delight.

Do you want to integrate Young Living Essential Oils into your daily meals or at least you desserts? 😉 Send me a mail to info@saralyn.de and I will send you all the information and details you need to know.

Enjoy your healthy and sugarfree chocolate treat!



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